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SEO Specialist

2 users
20 Content Optimizers
40 AI Content Briefs
100 Keyword Searches
20 Content Monitors
1 Month Rollover

SEO Expert

5 users
50 Content Optimizers
100 AI Content Briefs
200 Keyword Searches
50 Content Monitors
1 Month Rollover

SEO Master

10 users
100 Content Optimizers
200 AI Content Briefs
300 Keyword Searches
100 Content Monitors
1 Month Rollover

SEO Specialist

Billed annually (Save $298/year)
2 users
240 Content Optimizers
480 AI Content Briefs
1200 Keyword Searches
20 Content Monitors
12 Month Rollover

SEO Expert

Billed annually (Save $498/year)
5 users
600 Content Optimizers
1200 AI Content Briefs
2400 Keyword Searches
50 Content Monitors
12 Month Rollover

SEO Master

Billed annually (Save $698/year)
10 users
1200 Content Optimizers
2400 AI Content Briefs
3600 Keyword Searches
100 Content Monitors
12 Month Rollover
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All plans include:

Keyword Research

Quickly find relevant content ideas and topics based on accurate and up-to-date search data from Google.

AI Content Briefs

Build a detailed content brief and outline with the help of AI to set the stage for writing highly-optimized content.

Content Optimizers

Use NLP keyword recommendations from Google and IBM Watson to ensure your content has maximum relevancy.

Content Monitors

Track the relevance of your most-important keywords and pages to know which pieces of content need improvement.

Mastermind Calls

Exclusive weekly Zoom calls hosted by the co-founders to learn how to harness the power of Rankability so you can dominate the SERPs.

Founder Support

Support provided by the founders of Rankability to ensure you get every single question answered as soon as possible.

SEO Training

As one of the most respected SEO experts online, co-founder Nathan Gotch will show you how to supercharge your SEO process with Rankability.

Dark Mode

Switch on dark mode with the click of a button to use every feature of Rankability in a stunningly beautiful dark environment.

Monthly Rollovers

Monthly Optimizer credits are rolled over and valid for 60 days so you'll have plenty of time to use the technology you paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change or cancel my plan anytime?

Of course! If you need to scale your subscription up, down, or cancel it, you can do so within the app at any time. Subscription upgrades are also prorated meaning you will only be charged for the time remaining in the month (or year for annual plans).

Do unused Optimizer credits roll over to the next month?

Yes! Unused Content Optimizer credits will roll over and expire at the end of the next month. For example, let's say you only used 15 out of your 20 monthly Optimizer credits for the SEO Specialist plan. The unused 5 credits would roll over and you would have 25 credits next month.

What if I need more Optimizer credits?

If you run out of your Content Optimizer credits during the month, you can always upgrade to a higher plan or simply purchase additional credits within the app at any time.

What languages does Rankability support?

Rankability currently supports English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

What technology does Rankability use?

First off, our Keyword Research tool is based on accurate and up-to-date search data from Google. Next up, our Content Optimizer is powered by Google Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and IBM Watson NLU which uses AI to accurately extract meaning and relevance from content. And finally, our Content Brief is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo (the same technology powering ChatGPT).

How can I use Rankability with my in-house team or outsourced writers?

Each Rankability membership comes with a set number of user seats so you can invite team members to create and manage Keyword Research, Content Briefs, Optimizers, and Monitor your most important pages. However, you can also use our shareable links to give Brief and Optimizer access to outsourced writers without having to add them as users.

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